Sri Lanka

Rashmila Perera

General Inquiry

Mr Rashmila is a certified aircraft handler who has extensive knowledge and experience in aircraft maintenance, ground coordination, airport operations and a great customer service provider.

Services & Amenities

Ground Handling

We can supervise the entire parking of the flight from the moment it lands at any airport in Sri Lanka, including welcoming guests, baggage handling, check-in, etc.

Aviation Refueling

We can offer you the best fuel for refuelling your aircraft anytime with the standard at the most competitive prices. We have certified and well-trained personnel.

Flight Legal Support

We can manage to prepare your legal permits and permissions within a very short time frame. We have a dedicated team that has good relationships with Civil Aviation Authority in Sri Lanka.

Crew & Passenger

We can offer and assist with customs, immigration, emigration, airside transportation, Baggage handling, and Check-In, etc for your passengers, customers and crew

Flight Catering

We can arrange a total catering service to your Crew, Passengers, VIP/ VVIP's through the in-flight catering service of Sri Lankan Airlines, according to your requirements at best quality and hygiene.

AOG & Engineering

We mediate and supervise all of your aircraft technical requirements in the engineering departments of global airlines by providing efficient, high-quality and safe technical support.

Request a Price Estimate for
Aircraft Ground Handling

Please include dates and destinations, aircraft type and registration ID (tail number), number of passengers and other pertinent information.

Arrange Ground Handling

To make sure your ground handling request is received on time, please submit all requests as well in advance.


aero Pvt Ltd

OnWings Aero (Pvt) Ltd is a Ground support management company based in Sri Lanka.

We specialize in Aviation handling, supporting and supervising aircraft operators with their flight ground operations requirements, including customized flight support to Private Jets, Charter Flights, Ambulance Flights, Cargo Freighters and regular airlines etc.

We provide total flight support services ranging from; flight permit assistance, ground handling, fuelling, catering, engineering, passenger, VIP, Baggage Delivery, crew handling and much more. Our services are available to all private, charter, cargo and regular flights flying to Sri Lanka.